Lasers, from nanoscale to PetaWatt - Contributions

François Balembois : LED-pumped laser amplifiers

Philippe Boucaud : III-nitride microlaser source integration

Walid Chaibi : Advanced Virgo+ prestabilized laser system

Lorenzo Columbo : Dynamics of III-V/SiN hybrid lasers with a dispersive narrow band mirror. stable single mode emission, self-mode locking regimes and tolerance to optical feedback. A theoretical study

Eric Cormier : High-power ultrafast GHz laser sources:design and applications

Jerome Faist : Quantum cascade laser integrated optical frequency combs

Nicolas Forget : Applications of tunable femtosecond sources : from high-field physics to stellar interferometry

Giovanni Giacomelli : Complex active optical networks: the LANER

Leonida_Antonio Gizzi : Lasers for Plasma Accelerators

Thomas Godin : New possibilities in nonlinear frequency conversion for near and mid-IR compact sources

Anderson Gomes : Random Lasers, Complex Systems, and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

Philippe Grelu : Ultrafast Fiber Lasers: a Tale of Solitons

François Gustave : Developing fiber laser sources for LIDARs at Onera: a story of photons, phonons and scattering

Cristian Manzoni : Parametric amplification and frequency conversion

Mathias Marconi : Temporal-Localized Patterns in Vertical External-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers

Jesper Moerk : Quantum noise and its suppression in semiconductor microlasers and nanolasers

Dimitrios Papadopoulos : PetaWatt lasers overview

Francesco Papoff : The effects of two particle quantum correlations in nanolasers: coherence and bistability

Alessia Pasquazi : Laser Cavity Solitons in Microresonators Self-Emergence

Marco Piccardo : Structured Light Metasurface Lasers

Franco Prati : Dynamics of passive modelocking in class-B lasers with saturable absorber

Fabrice Raineri : Nonlinear nanolasers

Jorge Tredicce : Critical Slowing Down as indicator of a laser bifurcation

Claude Weisbuch : The developement of concepts leading to semiconductor lasers

Benno Willke : A 1550nm prestabilized laser system for the Einstein Telescope Gravitational Wave Detektor

Alejandro Yacomotti : Coupled photonic crystal nanolasers: towards novel active nanophotonic devices