From spring to autumn 2022: the Complex Wave Phenomena Season

Thanks to the support of Academy 2 and partner projects, the wavecomplexity initiative will coordinate the Complex Wave Phenomena Season. It will feature a number of key events, connected by visits of guest researchers from all over the world who will offer research seminars and advanced lectures on complex wave phenomena including theoretical and experimental physics, earth sciences, mathematics and numerical modelling.

The full program is still under construction, but we may already announce a few dates:

Partner organizations

We acknowledge the support of many running projects at Université Côte d’Azur for their contribution to this Complex Wave Phenomena season.

  • ANR Jeunes Chercheurs SPINA (Margherita Turconi, Artemis)
  • ANR International HYBRIDCOMB (Guillaume Huyet, Inphyni)
  • ERC FLATLIGHT (Patrice Genevet, CRHEA)
  • ERC ANDLICA (Robin Kaiser, Inphyni)
  • ERC EARLI (Quentin Bletery, Geoazur)