Nonlinearity, disorder and multiple scales are all sources of complexity for wave phenomena. Addressing complex wave phenomena from generation to detection and imaging, from forecasting to modelling, from microscopic to physiologic and astronomical scales across traditional scientific discplines requires a very broad spectrum of expertises. In turn, progress in understanding complex wave phenomena is key for the fundamental aspects of complexity science and for our capacity to face present and upcoming environmental risks. The WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative, funded by Université Côte d’Azur through Academy 2 “Complex Systems” and Academy 3 “Space, Environment, Risk and Resilience” aims at fostering cross-disciplinary scientific progress in the realm of complex wave phenomena.

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The WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative is born from the observation that waves are everywhere we look at. In fact, they are the common core of many research areas across traditional scientific disciplines including physics, mathematics, computer science, earth and space science, electronics and many others. Surprisingly, complex wave phenomena have no collective home yet, in spite of their ubiquity. Thanks to the work of the Academies of Complex Systems and Space, Environment, Risk and Resilience at Université Côte d’Azur, the WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative is born to fill this gap.


The WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative aims at being a common endeavour and welcomes your contribution. At the moment it is pushed forward by Jean Paul Ampuero (Geoazur), Stéphane Barland (Institut de Physique de Nice), Maxime Ingremeau (Laboratoire Jean Alexandre Dieudonné), Stéphane Lanteri (inria méditerranée), Sergey Nazarenko (Institut de Physique de Nice) and Thierry Passot (Laboratoire Lagrange). In addition, a scientific advisory board ensures scientific balance and breadth:

  • Didier Clamond (Laboratoire Jean Alexandre Dieudonné).
  • Abdelrahman Ijjeh (Laboratoire d’Electronique, Antennes et Télécommunications)
  • Victorita Dolean (Laboratoire Jean Alexandre Dieudonné)
  • Mathilde Hugbart (Institut de Physique de Nice)
  • Giorgio Krstulovic (Laboratoire Lagrange)
  • Héloïse Méheut (Laboratoire Lagrange)
  • Claire Michel (Institut de Physique de Nice)
  • Margherita Turconi (Laboratoire Artemis)
  • Romain Veltz (inria méditerranée)
  • Jesus Zuniga Perez (Centre de Recherches sur l’Hétéroepitaxie et ses Applications)


The activities of the WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative are announced via a mailing list. Please subscribe by sending email to sympa@listes.univ-cotedazur.fr with subject subscribe wavecomplexity. Clicking this link should also work: wavecomplexity@univ-cotedazur.fr:subscribe.

For any enquiry, proposal or simple informal discussion please get in touch with any of the people above or stephane.barland@univ-cotedazur.fr.