The WAVECOMPLEXITY initiative is moving forward thanks to many members of Université Côte d’Azur and their coworkers in many other places. Look here for more background information.

March 11th at 11AM: Fortnightly online seminar

Let’s talk about soliton gas and biological waves with:

  • Pierre Suret (Université de Lille): Noise-induced Modulation Instability revisited : Soliton gas theory and ultrafast optical measurements

The concept of Soliton Gas (SG) as a large ensemble of solitons randomly distributed on an infinite line and elastically interacting with each other was originally proposed by Zakharov in 1971. By using the famous example of the modulation instability in presence of noise, we show that SG is a promising model to describe the statistical properties of integrable turbulence.

  • Lendert Gelens (KU Leuven): Nuclei serve as pacemakers to coordinate the cell division cycle

Waves in oscillatory media can be initiated at pacemakers, regions which oscillate faster than its surroundings. Here, we discuss general properties of such pacemaker-generated waves. More specifically, using cytoplasmic extracts made from frog eggs, we experimentally show that nuclei serve as pacemakers to coordinate the cell division cycle.

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February 25th 11AM: Fortnightly online seminar

Winter holiday seminar, we will validate a new meeting platform aimed at facilitating informal discussion among participants (speaker and audience alike). We will also talk about deep learning and sensing:

  • Stephane Barland (Université Côte d’Azur): Neural networks for nonlinear interferometry

We show how computer neural networks and laser physics can be put at work together to reconstruct the displacement of a target from a nonlinear interferometric signal.

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