AI4W - Contributions

Jean-Paul Ampuero : E-EEWS: an Earthquake Early Warning algorithm based on Ensemble Machine Learning

Mederic Argentina : How to optimally swim: an AI approach.

Stephane Barland : Control of a nonlinear optical phase modulator via a neural network.

Quentin Bletery : Instantaneous tracking of earthquake growth with elastogravity signals

Bruno Cessac : Waves4AI: some insights from the retina behaviour

Guillaume Cordonnier : Deep surrogate models for ice flow modelling

Philipp Del_Hougne : Intelligent Wave Systems based on Programmable Metamaterials

Victorita Dolean : Domain decomposition training strategies for physics-informed neural networks

Robin Matha : High availability motion sensor with nonlinear interferometry and AI

Pere Mujal : Time-Series Quantum Reservoir Computing with Weak and Projective Measurements

Frederic Precioso : From AI to Deep Learning

Julian Roqui : Estimation of Small Antenna Performance Bounds Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Maxime Sermesant : Physics-based Deep Learning for Model Error Correction

Eric Simonnet : A deep learning approach for computing nonequilibrium trajectories

René Steinmann : Exploratory data analysis for continuous seismograms

Martijn Van_Den_Ende : Deep Deconvolution for Traffic Analysis with Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data

Jonathan Viquerat : Deep reinforcement learning for the control of CPU-intensive environments

Peter Wiecha : Tutorial: Inverse design in nano-photonics via deep learning

Yanqi Wu : Wave simulation in non-smooth media by PINN with quadratic neural network and PML condition

Yasmina Zaky : Decomposition of the scattered field into singularities for object classification using artificial intelligence algorithms

Remmy Zen : Transfer learning for neural-network quantum states