Mean field model for propagating waves in the cortex

Matteo Di Volo

École des Neurosciences de Paris Île-de-France -

Apologies to Matteo, we missed a couple of minutes at the beginning of the recording. Luckily the talk is still perfectly understandable.

We derive dynamical mean field models for the activity of excitatory and inhibitory conductance based spiking networks in presence of spike frequency adaptation. We test the model capability in reproducing the dynamics of the network both in its spontaneous activity and its response to external inputs. When arranged over space, the model shows propagating waves as measured with Voltage Sensitive dye Imaging in the visual cortex of the monkey. Moreover, we report a suppressive mechanism in the interaction of propagating waves as measured experimentally, explained in the model thanks to voltage dependent synapses and excitatory Vs inhibitory gain in neurons response function.