Progam and schedule


Wave turbulence, lectures and practice S. Nazarenko, G. Krstulovic, J.Skipp

Coherent structures for nonlinear wave packets: theory and applications C. Sulem, P.L Sulem, G. Simpson

  • Envelope dynamics: the nonlinear Schrödinger equation and its extensions (PLS)
  • Standing waves: existence of bound states and their stability properties (GS)
  • One-dimension Schrödinger equation: the inverse scattering method (CS)
  • Stability properties of standing-wave solutions of general Hamiltonian systems (GS)
  • One-dimension Schrödinger equation: long-time behavior and soliton dynamics (CS)
  • Strong and weak collapse: singularity formation and regularizing effects (PLS)


  • G. During: Wave turbulence on elastic plates
  • N. Mordant: Wave turbulence of surface and internal gravity waves in the laboratory
  • S. Galtier: Weak gravitational wave turbulence in the early Universe: from theory to simulations
  • N. Berloff: Coherent structures in polariton condensates
  • I. Kourakis: Electrostatic Solitary Waves in Space Plasmas and in Planetary Environments
  • M. Onorato: Thermalization in one dimensional chains: the wave turbulence approach

Connecting to research:

  • J. Laurie: Kelvin Wave Turbulence
  • V. Lvov: Magnon Turbulence, theory and experiment
  • M. Piccardo: From phase turbulence to solitons in semiconductor laser frequency combs
  • A. Picozzi: Condensation and turbulence with optical waves and the role of disorder
  • S. Cerri: Reconnection-mediated turbulence
  • G. Marcucci: Learning at the edge of chaos: the inner link between complexity and neuromorphic computing in nonlinear optics


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