Graduate lecture: Surface approach to electromagnetic scattering: from classical electromagnetism to quantum effects

  • When: 20th october 2021, 10:30 AM.
  • Where: Seminar room, Institut de Physique de Nice, 1361 route des lucioles 06560, Valbonne and also online

Dr. Francesco Papoff

(Physics Department, University of Strathclyde, Scotland (UK))

In nanophotonics we consider the interaction of light with simple emitters like molecules or quantum dots in close proximity to stuctures that are of the same size or smaller than the wavelength of light. This provides us with opportunity to modify and design the interaction of light and enhance by several order of magnitudes interaction processes beyond the electric dipole that are normally negligible in macroscopic optic. From a theoretical standpoint, we need to consider the full Maxwell equations and find a way to describe quantum processes. Starting from a brief review of Mie theory, I will discuss how a surface approach can be used to derive the classical electromagnetic response - the Green’s function - of the nanostructures and outline how we can derive an effective quantum mechanic theory from the classical Green’s function.

The lecture aims at disseminating recent approaches and will be offered in broadly accessible ways, refraining from technicalities. The second part of the allotted time will be left for questions and discussions.

Contact: for additional information or to organize a meeting with Dr. Papoff during his stay, please contact